British Tradition

Representing a collective of dealers from across the UK, we aim to maintain the incredible heritage and skill of the antiques trade. By providing a platform to connect customers who care about what they buy with generations of trustworthy and knowledgable dealers, we nurture these relationships and help sustain smaller businesses,  connecting through a love of art, beauty and history.

Discovered for You

We believe that when someone finds something they love, it 'resonates' with them. So, whether it be a piece of jewellery, an objet or a painting we choose pieces based on one questions; "Will someone love it?". We look for flare, personality and style. So while not everyone will find something they like straight away, when they do, it feels like that something, found them.

"The antiques trade is unlike any I've ever worked in; with stories and knowledge passed between mentors and peers just as valuable as the precious stones they keep. Trust is everything; a dealers word is his honour and reputations build as the years pass.


Being part of and observing this dwindling community only increases my respect and reverence for it; everything bought and sold has a story, even if the only one known is between the two trading. They're a hub of story tellers, art lovers and romantics, basking in the candle lit tales they pass on.

My hope is to share with you a glimpse of this magic, through our online world, bringing about the joy in these unusual and lesser seen pieces while remaining part of this crucial, relationship based world."

Dannielle Norman, Founder